Calling All Kidneys

Michael & Anne

I am Calling All Kidneys for my wife, Anne Casale-Skinner who has PKD, Polycystic Kidney Disease which has caused her kidneys to fail. Currently, she has slightly less than 10% kidney function left and is in dire need of a transplant to avoid dialysis. This site has been created to provide a base to where the many supporters can get current information and help us spread the word in an effort to find a suitable donor. Our main goal is to find a kidney donor, however everyone can help by spreading the word and sharing our links with all your contacts. It really does make a difference by simply clicking a link and sharing. So far, we have stories linked on the header and links to Facebook page and twitter activity. As I work through my computer shortcomings, I will organize this page and incorporate information for potential donors, fundraisers and recruiters. Any questions related to potenially becoming a donor, should be directed to MGH Donor Coordinator 617-643-6513 Thank you for checking us out and maybe you will be the one who is responsible for connecting with us with a donor…


4 responses to “Calling All Kidneys

  1. marcie lafleur

    Wanted to say my heart goes out to your wife, you,your kids and your famlies. I was diagnosed with pkd whent i was 13 and they Told me nothing would ever happen. Now 35 and on dialysis. Been doing it for a year now. I wish you nothing but the best for your wife and hope you find a kidney soon. Best wishes!!!!

  2. charles cardwell

    Mike and Anne. I am here for all the support I can give. as you both know I am a recent donor. but I am here to help you get the word spread and to be an advocate to any possible donors in which need a live person to talk to about this step in life… being a donor was the greatest gift of life and an eye opening step towards my faith in God and what he has guided me to do. I am praying for you and your family . please keep in touch . God blewss you all

  3. I cannot donate, as I have had breast cancer, and my husband will be donating his kidney to our daughter, however, I understand your panic and fear. Hold strong, have faith, let not one shred of doubt in. Can she receive any blood type? It might help you to put the blood type groupings she can accept. I wish you, Anne, complete Victory in this ultimate obstacle. We have a friend who had exactly what you have and she received a “cadillac” of a kidney many years ago, and she is doing extremely well, and living a very full life. May you receive a “Cadillac” kidney, too. All the best!

  4. Thanks for all your comments. Anne is hanging in there and quite overwhelmed by the support we have received. People have been coming off the sidelines and joining the race to find Anne a kidney. She is type O blood so she would have to receive a type O kidney, however if we find a suitable, willing donor we will enter the NEPKE program (paired kidney exchange)…hoping that our support continues to snowball and we get the message to suitable donors. Thank you for all your support and we will keep you posted on future events and developments

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