The Kidney Express is gaining speed

So the last few weeks have brought us mostly good news.  Anne’s latest blood work shows she is holding steady and her kidney function did not get any worse, which means for one more month we can hold off on starting dialysis.  Our grassroots campain of spreading the word is doing wonderful thanks to the support of so many friends and contacts.  Our Facebook Calling All Kidneys page is closing in on 500 likes and has been a hotspot of activity for pics and comments, linking both of these pages together allows people to come here for information and use Facebook to post comments and discussions. My mind is always cranking and thinking of how to make this campain more successful, for those of you closest to me you know I have kidney on the brain.  I mean after all, its all about the kidney….time to get your kidney on….im bringing kidney back….sorry I couldnt resist.  It has gotten to the point my kids refer to my car as the “kidney mobile” since I have signs on either side, plus a few donate life stickers and an ample supply of bracelets.  I have jumped into the world of Twitter and all I can say is WOW, crazy fun and did you know Donnie Wahlberg retweeted our story to all of his followers.  Big thanks to Kelly, Lauren and Jimmy for making that happen.  We are constantly reaching out to stars looking to have them blast our story into cyberland.  That is where everybody can help out, you see the most important thing we can do now is continue to share the story everyway possible and a  donor will come forward.  We are starting to kick some fundraising ideas around and should have some dates and locations soon, so stay tuned.  Thank you to everyone out there.  Lets keep the Kidney Express rolling and going strong!

kidney mobile


One response to “The Kidney Express is gaining speed

  1. michael c. skinner

    you are amazing….you are da man…so proud of you…love you…dad

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