Over 2.5 Million Twitter followers reached! 8/30/11

Great Day today….Tweets were flying left and right, Glenn Charette grinded out RTs to over 200K followers and I managed to get Kirstie Alley to RT our story to over 800K followers.  We reached over 1 million followers in just one day, scratch that LATE ENTRY: LLCoolJ retweeted  to his 1.5 million followers! pushes us up over 2.5 mil in just one day!….Thanks to all who have been supporting us and sharing our story, it really does make a difference.  I have been telling the story that I was reminded of by a recent post on our friends Facebook page “Veteran needs a kidney”.  It is a fathers plea for his son, a Marine stationed in California who needed a kidney transplant.  This story became a national story much like our friend’s, Sgt John Jennings.  Although as the Marine’s story went, he found a donor and just prior to the transplant the donor backed out.  I can only imagine how gut wrenching this must have been.  A few months later, a tragedy occured in Florida with another Marine died in a non combat accident.  What makes this story amazing to me, was that because the family of the fallen Marine had heard of the story of another Marine in California needing a kidney, they directed the donation of one kidney to him.  To me this shows the awesome power of sharing your story and planting the seeds of organ donation.  There may be someone who reads our stories and either considers donation or shares with someone that will.   Regardless, it gives me hope that using the power of social media and the internet you may accomplish what seems like the impossible….so talk about it, tweet it, text it, email it, Facebook it, just do it!  Listed below are links to recent articles that you may share with your contacts….Thanks


Here is the latest follow up article posted today..Thank you Michelle


Also, update in this weeks DanversHerald “circling the square”..Thanks Myrna


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