September will be our month!

One week into this month and things are really cooking…2nd order of bracelets are in (kid sizes also), T-shirts have been ordered and will be in next week, 9/23 pre walk fundraiser at OnionTown Grill, 9/24 PKD foundation walk and our social media stats are going off the charts. I have lost track of the amount of followers we reached with retweets after 3 MILLION! At some point, I will sit down with Glenn Charette and Kelly Colanto, the two twitter grinders and tally up the number, many thanks to them for the endless work and helping spread the word. Facebook is still going strong with close to 650 likes on Calling All Kidneys, those numbers continuing to climb thanks to everyone sharing our page. Anne has been doing ok…relieved that her blood work has remained stable for the last 2 months, yet she is tired alot. She has done a great job of managing her energy, knowing what she can do and taking it easy if she needs to, but overall in good spirits and confident that things will work out for the best. I on the other hand, usually dont know if I should wind my butt or scratch my watch most days! Learning how to set up a blog, tweet, tshirt design, facebooking, fundraising and constantly involved in “kidney talk” has been a nice diversion, but a full time position by itself. Sooooooo……What can you do to help? I am so glad you asked that!!! We are looking for any raffle items that can be used at the 9/23 prewalk @ OTG or a fundraiser slated for late Oct/early Nov (location TBD), donations are always accepted (see link at top of page), and the spreading of this site, FB page but most importantly our story. There are so many creative ways to do that but here are just a few….signs, flyers, emails, and word of mouth. And of course it should go without saying that if you have any connections to celebrities, media, sports figures, etc…reach out to see if they would be willing to help share our story! Thank you to all who have supported us and welcome to those of you just joining us, it means so much to have so many behind us each step of the way!


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