Kidney Donor found us!

I apologize for falling off the map lately, but it is hard to post information when it is all subject to this test result or that test result.  I can tell you this, pending the results of a couple more tests….we and I mean you, me and everyone out here who has supported this from the beginning have found a donor!  Interesting thing is this donor found us, thats right…we put our story out there, not asking anyone to donate, just giving them the information of our story and where to go to get tested and they came forward.  I can tell you this, that the potential donor is traveling from out of state and has completed the three day of testing at MGH.  In addition the transplant committee at MGH has voted and approved the donation pending the results of two additional tests.  I can not begin to thank each individual, but this would not have been accomplished if not for everyone’s hard work in sharing our story via Facebook, Twitter, Email, News articles and word of mouth.  We used the power of social media to do an amazing thing.  To Donnie Wahlberg, Kristie Alley, LL Cool J, Jimmy Marsh, Rajon Rondo, Katherine McPhee and countless others who by the simple act of ReTweeting our story, helped reach over 4 million followers…Thank you, not only did you help us, but you also helped others by planting the seed and someday may donate.  SO STAYED TUNED, THE KIDNEY EXPRESS IS AT FULL SPEED!


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