Keep sharing our story, it really does help

Sharing the Calling All Kidneys story helps on so many levels.  One does not have to look far into the news to come across a story of how this is helpful.  My favorite story that I had gotten from our friends at “Veteran seeking a kidney” FB page, was about a young Marine, Sgt Jake Chadwick in California who needed a transplant.  His story was told on Facebook, Twitter, local and national media. Potential donors came forward and as a transplant was scheduled, unfortunately the donor backed out for unknown reasons.  A few months later, another Marine died in a non-combat related accident in Florida.  During the consent process for organ donation, a Navy doctor who was needed to be a witness suggested that they donate to a fellow Marine.  What amazed me about this story was that because of the ongoing campain to find Jake a kidney, somewhere along the line a seed was planted in this doctor’s mind and it allowed him to make that suggestion. check this article out and hopefully it will inspire you to continue to share any of our linked stories on the top menu bar.


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