Transplants R Us

All of us at #callingallkidneys wish our Facebook friends at Veteran seeking a kidney  a successful transplant at Rhode Island Hospital tommorrow, Monday 11/7, John Jennings also has PKD and we are wishing him and his donor a speedy recovery.  Then on Tuesday 11/8, Anne will be rolling into the Mass General Hospital OR to receive the generous gift of a kidney named “Bean” from Jennifer Boyd.  Jennifer and her husband Jim are scheduled to arrive in Boston on Monday.  So excited, scared, happy, nervous, grateful, overwhelmed all rolled into one big pile of emotional baggage!  I will keep Facebook and Twitter updated throughout the day, although I may not get to until later, so stay tuned…


2 responses to “Transplants R Us

  1. Wishing you the best of luck on Tuesday – will keep you and your donor in light. Living Donors ROCK!

  2. Almost one year agoI had my kidney transplant and I must admit I wish everyone could do it! But of luck Anne from Andy in Atlanta

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