2 days post-op and things are going great

Jennifer was discharged this afternoon, headed to her parents home to rest for a few days before hopefully heading back to Colorado next Tuesday. What an amazing person she is, she came into this prepared physically & mentally. Both Anne and our family has love, appreciation and gratitude for Jennifer and her wonderful support structure of her husband Jim, her parents Marie and Paul Till, fellow Anthem employees and friends who provide the needed support along the way.
Anne, who is now housing “Bean”(the most incredible, super, Hemi-in-it, urinating machine) is doing wonderful. It is normal for kidney recipients to watch their creatine levels drop post transplant but Bean has set some world records…one day post transplant creatine level was at 2.5 from 5.7 pre-transplant, within 36 hours of transplant Anne’s creatine level was 1.0 PERFECTLY NORMAL RANGE! Anne could actually be discharged as early as tommorrow so she may go home to rest and recover. Amazing things happened this week and I am so looking forward to our Fundraiser next Friday night as a celebration of life, love and friends! Thank you all for supporting us and joining in on this wonderful ride!


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