Fundraiser/Celebration 11/18/11

Please click on the above link for Facebook invitation to our Fundraiser/Celebration night at Beverly Franco-American Club 11/18/11.  Here is the flyer if you would like to share with your friends  Calling_All_Kidneys_Fundraiser

So much going on this week, both Anne and Jennifer are doing great.  Jennifer is resting at her parents home after leaving the hospital yesterday.  Anne should be coming home tomorrow.  “Bean” has been exceeding expectations and has kicked it in high gear, bringing Anne’s creatine level from 5.7 pre-transplant to todays level of .91, so remarkable.  We look forward to a great night filled with some awesome auction/raffle items.  Not too late to jump on board and enjoy this ride, share with your friends, let them know of our success story.  It truly was a group effort that led us to where we are now and I could never express my true gratitude to everyone…but I will say this, THANK YOU



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