What great reasons to be Thankful

http://www.wickedlocal.com/danvers/topstories/x2003967461/Danvers-family-gives-thanks-for-gift-of-life#axzz1exFNlzwP  Here is the link to a follow up story in the Danvers Herald.  Kids were pretty excited when they saw their picture on the front page.  We enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving this year and Anne’s kidney function is doing great, Bean is a nice addition and living up to her reputation of being an overachiever.  Many of you noticed at our fundraiser that there was a large man with a video camera filming the entire night, that man is John Tait who is doing a documentary on organ donation detailing three stories of people going through the process.  John filmed us during the pre-op testing, just prior to surgery and post recovery.  We are excited to have been a part of this project and look forward to using it to help spread the importance of organ donation and the positive impact it has.  During the next few months this page will be shifting from it’s original intention of seeking a kidney for Anne to an informational page for others beginning the process along with links to help educate potential donors.  We welcome any suggestions, ideas or comments on how to help others…..Thanks for your support and we look forward to being a force within the kidney community!



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